Welcome to All-In Race Cars

Motorsport Engineering

Who are we?

Leading experts in roll cages, chassis and drive lines.
We build race cars in all categories; Drag, Drift, Rally, Track, or customs street cars.
We can modify your race car to meet all standards, and have contributed to several records!
Whether your race team needs a place on the podium, or you need your custom car/motorcycle to leave the garage, we will get you there.

All-In Race Car have more than 30 years of experience in motorsport, and it have been our passion ever since the beginning. We startet out in a small garage, and worked our way into the impressive shop that we own today.

We will keep helping the community with our expertise, drive and thoroughness to win and race. Our costumers get that same passion in the creations we make for their race cars.

Our vision is to be the most innovating in design and manufacturing, state of art, race cars that win, and beats records. We are always service minded and do our best to help our customers in their journey to become, or stay the best.